Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Boss!

It just so happens that Petey was born the day before Boss' we get two celebrations in 2 days. I gave Boss one present each day, for the last 3 days. I'm not quite sure why I did it but I did.
The first day, I gave him 3 movies. (Mr and Mrs Smith, 21, and Quantom of Solace).
The second day, he got this shirt that I thought was funny. He didnt think it was as funny as me but he is willing to wear it still. haha. (It's supposed to look like he is dressed in a karate shirt)

My sister and her husband came over for games the night before his birthday and my mom sent her present with them. She got him Ticket to Ride! Which is exactly what he had been asking for.

So while it was still the night before his birthday, I had him open up the third gift from me that night. A chef basket! He saw this infomercial on tv a month or two ago and commented on how cool it looks. A week or two before his birthday, we got into a conversation about infomercials and he started talking about how most things on infomercials are dumb and even though they catch his attention, he would never waste money on that crap. GREAT!

But dont worry, he was happy and liked it when he saw it. :)

For Boss' birthday, we ate at Cassanova Bros Pizza and played games with my mom and sister.

Things I love about Boss:

  • He isnt your typical sentimental, gushy husband. He's better.

  • He is down to earth.

  • He has a great sense of humor.

  • He is a wonderful father.

  • He listens when I ask him to change certain things and is always trying to make himself a better person.

  • He loves his family so much.

  • He cares so much about his brothers and is always thinking of ways to help them or hang out with them.

  • He tries to be a better father every day.

  • He started out being a dad with almost no patience...and now some days, he has more than I do!

  • He worthily holds the Priesthood.

  • He strives every day to be a righteous man.

  • He is faithful to me, to our church, and to those around him.

  • He is honest.

  • If anyone we know requests help, he is ALWAYS there.

  • He works hard and goes to school, all while being a father and husband.

  • He loves that I stay home, even if it means we don't have almost any extra cash.

  • He has great taste in women. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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