Friday, May 13, 2011

Flaky Mcflakers

Sorry, I went to McDonald's today and ever since then, I've been adding "Mc" to everything. Therefore...the title of this post.

I am going to flake out on my Friday Confessional today. Lately, I have wanted to write about whatever I want. Not link up as often. I don't think of it as necessarily a good or bad thing---it just is.

Anyway, the next couple of posts are probably going to revolve around a certain little girl in the picture below......and it's not the one with the churro in her mouth {it's the one with the awkward, mouth-full-of-churro smile}.
A very important day is coming up for this girl...a birthday, that is. And in my family, we usually have at least 2 days of celebration {sometimes 3 or 4} for birthdays.
Petey gets 3 days.

On Wednesday night, after all of her churro eatin' fun, Petey fell asleep watching a movie at 6:30pm. I should've known something was up for my girl who doesnt normally sleep unless she's in the car or being told to go to bed.
At 2 am, Petey came in and said she had burped in her bed. Due to recent events where I saw Petey throw up and call it "burp", I knew what she was talking about. And I immediately began to worry. Being sick would ruin her birthday weekend {and I hate seeing my kids miserable anyway}. So I prayed that she wouldnt get any worse.
She did run a fever that next morning but after one dose of Motrin, it never came back. What a weird little sickness. One vomit session and one fever and all was done!
Prayers answered!!!

So tomorrow everything begins for this birthday girl. Starting with a date with Grandma to go see Cinderella at Hale Theatre, this girl's weekend is going to be nothing short of wonderful.

Now I'm off to make the next layer for the layered jello I'm making for her birthday party. Layered jello in little mini cups is much less messy and sugary than cake or cupcakes. :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a special birthday! Cinderella at the theater! Very cool!

And what a great idea about the layered jello in cups! Good thinking!! :o)