Monday, January 4, 2010


On Saturday, I took the kids on a walk all around the neighborhood. I tried to be healthier and keep myself active as much as possible.
Yesterday, I again ate healthy all day, went on a bike ride, and tried to stay active.
Today, I woke up before the kids and went on a bike ride, then took the kids to the store and walked through a couple of extra aisles, came home and baked some cookies (didnt eat a single one by the way!), and here I am.

And the new number is...176!

Goodbye 6 pounds. I dont ever want to see you again!!!

6 pounds in three days! I know it wont always be like this. I know I will probably get to about 2 pounds a week but 2 pounds is 2 pounds, right? The 160's are my hardest to get through but we'll pass that bridge when we come to it.

Thanks for the support! I sure am on my way and that's as good as it gets right now!

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