Saturday, January 16, 2010

Schick Intuition

I am all about convenience so when I saw this at the store approximately 1 year ago, I knew we needed to become better acquainted.

So I bought one...used it up...bought another...used that one up...You see where this is going. This new Schick Intuition has become my best friend! It made shaving my legs during pregnancy 100 times easier! (that is, up until the point where I became 39 weeks pregnant and my husband finally gave in to Nair my legs for me)

Maybe you see this as lazy but I think the word convenience is a better description. I shave my legs less often when I have to lather soap on my legs and take what seems like forever to get the job done! With this amazing contraption, I can just run it up my legs each time I shower. No preparation needed!

So if you are into convenience like I am, try this! I'm telling you, you will love it!

Dont I sound like an infomercial. I apologize. I would not tell you about it if I didn't think it was a worthy subject to talk about. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Hope said...

I also use this razor and love love love it! It does take more out of the budget than I'd like when I have to get refills, but guess what I did? Went to Sam's Club and got the 12 pack. Yes, it set me back a pretty penny, but I'm trying hard to use one a month--sometimes harder than it seems--but so far so good.