Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Needed Project

I have figured that when we do things little by little, life is not as overwhelming. Currently I cannot see the floor in my bedroom, the family room is filled with toys/blankets/clothes I was supposed to fold, and the done dishes are waiting for me to put them away. But tonight, all of that was put on hold because a special someone's room is ALWAYS being put on hold for those other projects.
Tonight, I cleaned Petey's room.
About time right?

It started looking so good and clean and I was even thinking of trying to get stains out of her carpet (I know, brave me!) but she followed me around, trying to undo everything I had done so it was a short clean up. But it looks so much better!!! I dont trip in her room anymore (though tomorrow will be a different story once I let her back in there with her toys).

We even got crafty and put some cute decals on the walls that we found at Target. I've been looking for some non-expensive ones that matched her room and finally, we found some! I love the brown/pink flower look.

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