Friday, January 29, 2010

Productive Wednesday

What a week of pur bliss.

Ok, just kidding, pure bliss would be a slight exaggeration but a productive week, it was.

First order of business, I have semi-started up Hayley's Bowtique again. I decided to quit it because I was working full time and hated coming home to orders and having to "work" when I was home from work. I don't know if the Wednesdays off have helped or what it is, but I feel like I have slightly more time to create. So create I will!

I made these flowers for my awesome cousin. She has 3 boys---and ordered them for her photography business to have on hand for those cute little girlies. :) What a great idea!

Also this week, I got even craftier with one of Petey's outfits. I don't usually make her accessories that only match one outfit but she has a pink shirt with zebra print sleeves and it is just the cutest thing! I couldnt help but make her a necklace with a zebra print pendant in the middle and this week, she acquired a new bow to match the whole outfit!!! Guess we should find more zebra outfits. :)
Here is another fancy flower I made for our household. We love it!
I also sent my cousin these white headbands in 3 different sizes for her business.
All of this happened on Wednesday, the day that I also had a playdate for my kids and did a load of dishes. I have no idea how we get this much done in ONE day with 2 kids under two but we do it and have fun while we're at it!!!

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