Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

Sorry Ive been slacking. 2 birthdays in one weekend and 2 sick kids this week will do that to a person.
Petey turned 2 over the weekend and my husband turned 25. Their birthdays are a day apart, which makes it really fun---but really busy (and slightly expensive). :)
Both kids are now sick and on breathing treatments and because Spidey has asthma, my dad suggested he be put on maintenance treatmments twice a day even when he is healthy so that he doesnt have asthma attacks. Hopefully this works---he is only 7 months old! Poor little guy.
Right now, my little man is behind me figuring out the crawling world. He can army crawl 100% and get anywhere he wants to but for the last couple of weeks, he's been testing out the waters on his hands and knees.

Please stop growing up so fast, Spidey-man!

Im exhausted so Im signing off for the night but maybe Ill have more to say in the near future. :)

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