Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Women: Part 3

Today I am thankful for Aunt Ginger (technically, my husband's aunt but we're married so she's mine too now).

In this picture, she is spoiling my already-spoiled daughter with a chocolate cupcake. Ginger is the kind of mother I want to be, which is why I chose her for today's post. She is real, honest, and loving to her 3 kids. She raises them in such a trusted relationship and her 3 girls seem to be her best friends...unless they're fighting...then she's a reasonable punisher. There are times we get irrational with Petey when she is doing something she isn't supposed to. There are just certain punishments that a 2 year old wont spanking. I've spanked my daughter and then she turns around and smacks me right back. Duh...not a good idea. I really look up to Ginger as a parent because of her close relationship with her kids. They arent best friends---being a parent comes first---but her kids get along and they respect her as their mother. Ginger is always willing to help with my kids and be a great friend to me too. I feel like we are a lot alike---if I could only be the awesome mom that she is. Maybe someday Ill get there. Im sure she had some trial and error too at my age, right? =D

Happy mother's day, Ginger.

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mindy said...

love these motherly posts. such a great idea!!!

such sweet posts.