Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Women: Part 4

Yes, I skipped yesterday. Sue me. I couldnt think of who to use and I wanted tonight's special mother to have this night on the blog---since it's her birthday and all. Tonight's special mother is my mother in law. (here she is holding Petey on her blessing day...absolutely precious)

My MIL raised SIX boys...did you know that? One daughter and SIX sons. I could repeat that a thousand times and still not get used to the idea...SIX crazy boys (including my crazy husband!). =D I am grateful for my MIL because she raised my husband to be a great man, husband, and father. She kept him safe as a baby, as a toddler, all through his teenage years and sent him off on a mission for our church all the way to Japan. I don't know how I'll ever send a son on a mission for two years...I hope I will...but it sure sounds like a hard thing fo my precious children. My mother in law helps watch my kids and I'm grateful to her for being willing to take on that challenge. She is a wonderful nana to them and they love her so much.

Happy mother's day, Annette. And happy birthday. :)

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