Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Women: Part 5

My last but certainly not least mother's day post is about none other than my own wonderful mother.

I LOVE this picture, depicting how awesome of a grandma she is. Playing Mariokart with her grandkids. They LOVE her.

What can I say about my mother? Everything? My mom raised me plus 4 other girls. Hello, hormones! I love her ability to save money, have fun, and show love. My mom and I have always butted heads...since I was 3 and told her she was the most disgusting mother and all she could think was how proud she was that I knew such a big word. =D I dont know how she raised me and stayed sane (nor do I know how Ill raise Petey and stay sane) but she did and though I never really wanted to bond with my mom growing up, she has always been there for me, waiting for the day that I would realize how important she was to me. She was there when I was induced with Petey, was there as soon as the c section was over, was there when I was tired of Petey's screaming, supported us when we found out we were pregnant again, and has been there with Spidey too. She watched Petey more than I did during those colicky days, since she happily watches my kids full time for me. I remember after Spidey was born when Petey was having a really rough big sister day and didnt want to listen to ANYTHING I said. She tore apart the house while I fed her brother and I got done feeding him and started yelling at her. I knew my hormones and stress were taking over so I called my mom crying and asked if she could come take Petey. She was at a dr's appt for my sister in Phoenix at the time but left the appt (my dad was there also) and came to help me. By the time she got there, Petey was napping and my mom cleaned my house instead. I was so embarrassed but I was too exhausted to tell her to stop. She has watched 4 of the 5 grandkids full time now and not only does she watch them, she plays with them and takes them on field trips once a week! What an awesome lady! She has always taught us standards and I love her for never giving up on me when I was a rough teenager. I love my mom and never thought I would feel this close to her...but how could you not love a woman as great as her?

Happy mother's day, mom! I love you!

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Andrea and JP said...

I love her too. I think she is the most wonderful mother there is! She is my role model. Love you Suz!