Saturday, May 8, 2010

Changes come too quickly

Isnt it ironic how our paths can be changed so much, depending on where we are in said path?
How 3 years ago, I did NOT want to be visited once a month by a special present because I wanted a baby so badly and now, I pray and pray for that visit? :)
How two years ago, the house we moved into was HUGE and now I feel that we barely fit?
How we planned on having a baby around this time but that baby was born 7 months ago?

Life changes so quickly. Isnt that funny? Actually it's not's sad. Because do we really take the time we have right now and utilize it, instead of dreaming about the things that we want?

Trust me, I'm most likely America's # 1 culprit of this...wanting more and more. Not wanting to wait.

With Petey it went something like this: "It is going to be so much fun when you can roll." "It is going to be so much fun when you sit up." It is going to be even MORE fun when you crawl." "I hope you learn to walk soon..." And now she is walking everywhere and talking back to me like a 13 year old.

Ironic, isnt it?

Also ironic that because I know how fast life goes, I dont want Spidey to crawl or walk faster than needed. I want him to stay a baby because there wont be another baby in this house for a few years. I understand this now---I didnt understand it then.

She was my firstborn. Everything she learned was BEYOND exciting and we couldnt wait for her to do something else.

Now that Spidey is a baby, I understand that he will eventually do these fun things but that we need to spend the time we have with him as a baby and not try to speed it up---it goes fast enough, you know?

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Juli said...

I think that is a normal part of growth as a parent. It was the same thing with Annalie...everything new she did was wonderful. And while everything that Brooklyn does is still wonderful...I want it to last a little bit longer. And isn't it funny how after your first one you were baby hungry like immediately? And now after number 2, you see other pregnant women or women with new babies and while they are cute, you really have no desire for another one? I am glad I am not the only one going through a similar internal experience. Thanks for your post.