Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Women: Part 2

Today, I am thankful for ANASAZI Kim. That is what I called her and this is how I remember her.

Kim was a counselor when I went to ANASAZI back in 2005, before either of us became mother's and though I don't think of her as another mother, she is more like an older sister to me. Maybe I was clingy, annoying, and weird but when high school was hard and I needed someone, Kim was there. I skipped school sometimes just to go and see her (Sorry, mom!). In my mind, I needed her. I told her so many things, had so many fun times and also so many serious times with her. Kim was one of the reasons I AM a mother today because without her, I wouldn't have turned my life around and met someone so amazing as my husband. She was a role model and friend and I don't think anybody could have replaced her in my life back then. ANASAZI itself did so many great things for me but it just wouldn't have been the same experience without Kim. She is now a wonderful mother and wife and I am so happy for her. Funny how life has worked out...because back then, you couldn't have paid me to believe that I would have a great life headed my way. Happy mother's day, Kim.

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