Monday, June 11, 2012

The Monday Brags: Back Floats

Oh Mondays, how I love using you for some serious bragging time.

Are you sick of "swimming" brag posts yet?
Ok, then I'll continue.

Petey completed her first session of swim lessons last Thursday.
I have been so proud of how well she's done.
She's been a good listener and has been trying so hard to do everything they've asked.

Last Tuesday, while swimming at my parents house, we were practicing back floats and I let go of Petey's back...and she just kept on floating!
I was so excited for her to show her instructors at swim class and they were pretty proud of her.
I finally got a video on Saturday of her back floats but that will be at the end of this post.

My other "proud" (not-so-proud) moment was from her last day of swim class.
Yeah...that is supposed to be a more modest swimsuit. She had jumped in the water and the whole top came up and those bottoms were already low to begin with but they were A LOT too low and it took me a while to get her attention and tell her to pull them up! Little girl had her whole belly exposed, along with a great deal of bum crack. Oops! Guess we wont be using this swimsuit for lessons anymore.

So here is the video. Have I mentioned how super awesome my child is? Well, I can mention that today because it's bragging day. Also, please excuse my annoying voice. I was counting to see how long she'd stay floating.

And I'll leave you with one more video from that day. She is also doing really well with kicking and swimming her back. I LOVE this girl so much and I'm so proud of how big she is getting.
And that's how Suze brags.

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Janey said...

I think the girl with the polka dot wedgie has a worse problem than Petey :)