Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Brags: Swimming {again}

I feel like all of the pictures I've been taking lately have been of my kids swimming.
But I guess that's just summertime in Arizona.
 Last Friday, I took both of the kids swimming by myself. They were super excited, especially Spidey because he wishes he could take swim lessons like his big sister.
 Obviously, Petey is more used to the water and it took Spidey a while to feel comfortable with floaties without me holding on to him. As soon as he learned to kick and get himself around the pool, he didn't need me anymore.
 Petey loves going off the diving board by herself.
 I was so happy that Spidey was loving swimming. Two weeks ago, we took him swimming and he cried if anyone let go of him. You wouldn't have even guessed that by the way he was acting on Friday. He LOVED it!
 He loved using different floaties and he even likes this bird floatie that my sister got him. Last month when we took it out of the package and blew it up, he started crying and saying that the birdie looked scary and that he didn't want it. I had to put it completely out of his sight before he stopped freaking out. :) Thankfully, he likes it now!
 Petey did so well practicing her back floats and kicking, like she does in swim lessons. I actually got Spidey to do some backfloats but because I had to help him with them, I couldn't use the camera at the same time.
 Spidey loved the "sharks" (dolphins) and swam with them a lot.
Here's my Petey, just swimming all around the deep end. She is such a fish and I love how much she loves the water.

Swimming is the one thing I love about Arizona summers. As hot as it is, swimming is so fun for me and for my kids. I'm so glad my parents have a pool we can use anytime.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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