Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"White Patooties"

The program I normally use to "censor" my children's nekkedness in pictures shut down so I did my best to edit them in Picasa.
But seriously, does this not make you laugh? Hmm...which one of my kids tans and which one doesnt? Also, which one swims every day and which one doesnt? :) Her little patootie is so white! It makes me laugh everytime she gets dressed.

Today was a good day. Actually, yesterday was an awesome day but today was also good!
Yesterday, Boss got home from work early and we started our family night with swimming at my parents house. Then we went to Sonic and got yummy drinks and came home to watch a family movie together. I love spending time, just the four of us. Since Boss works, I do a lot of things just with the kids so I absolutely love when he gets to spend time with us too.
Then today. Today Petey did great in swimming lessons and then we went swimming at my parents house {again}. I worked with her for a while and then it was time to work with Spidey.
Oh that boy.
At first, he cried, "I want my floaties back on!" but after 5 minutes, he kept letting go of me on purpose and swimming underwater. He is still not great at swimming but at least he tries and loves it! So my next goal is to try and get him floating on his back before the end of the summer. It would be so nice to have both kids comfortable in the water.

And that's how Suze sees it!

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Jenna said...

Oh my, that's funny. Neither of my kids tan. Both albinos like their mother.