Friday, June 29, 2012


I have a special sister. I know I've talked about her before but here's a recap.
She has autism. She doesn't talk but understands what we say. She can read and is very smart. 
Oh, and she's super adorable.
 One thing that I don't like is that my sister is a pincher. But really, who's to say I wouldn't pinch people if I couldn't convey my thoughts to them? I feel bad when she gets frustrated but it REALLY hurts when she pinches.
I've always been close to my 2 younger siblings (both who have special needs). Ever since I've been a mother, I've tried very hard to teach my children that their aunt and uncle are special people. I know that my sister can seem scary to little kids because she hums and rocks back and forth and they've seen her get angry and pinch me. There have even been times that she has hurt them out of anger. So it makes me sad when I hear Petey randomly tell other people that "Aunt Candace likes to pinch people." and that "Aunt Candace is really mean."
But there are so many times that Petey randomly likes to tell people that "Aunt Candace is a special person." and I love it when she sees someone else that is handicapped and whispers to me that they were made special by God. I really believe that my kids are blessed to have an aunt and uncle with special needs. Even though my sister gets frustrated, she is such a special spirit to be around. I know she was sent here to teach us.
I'm also really grateful that she is the only sibling that hasn't (and most likely won't) gotten taller than me. :) Thanks for staying short, Candace. I appreciate it.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Jenna said...

That's so sweet.

I have always loved people with special needs. Yesterday at Ikea a group of special needs adults were in the food court. I gave one guy a wave and he came right over and taught me his secret handshake and then gave me a friendly hug. Then one of his friends came over and asked my name and my kids' names. She wanted a hug from Audrey and I was relieved to see Audrey jump at the chance to show her affection! I hope my kids never judge those who are different. Sounds like you are teaching your kids to be like the Savior!