Friday, July 13, 2012

Dancing Queen

Exciting things have been happening in our home lately.
One of those things happened this week since swim lessons ended for Miss Petey.
 Oh yes, those are dance clothes. :) Petey had her trial class of hip hop on Monday and even though she wasn't as excited about going, that happened to be the highlight of her week! I kept telling her hip hop was going to be fun and that they would dance faster and do a lot of silly things but she insisted that she wanted to take ballet and be a princess.
 She had a great time and even learned a new pose...
 She told us this is called the "stinky diaper face". She also walks around doing an upsidedown peace sign and saying, "word.". It's quite hilarious.
 So then on Thursday, we tried out the ballet class to see if she liked it as well. Don't you love her pose of choice? She is so silly. Spidey was excited to be there as well.
 Mr. B and Spidey had a fun time playing in the corner with all of the cars and other activities I had packed for them (Lifesaver!).
 Here is a blurry picture of Petey in ballet. She ended up loving it so she'll be sticking it out in those two classes this year.

When I asked her which class she liked better, she enthusiastically answered, "Hip hop! But I want to stay in both classes." I had told her that if she didn't like one of the classes, she didn't have to do it so now anytime anyone talks about it, she makes sure to tell them she is staying in BOTH classes. (She seems to be a little bit worried I'm going to take her out of one of them.)

I'm really glad she gets to do this since it is her last year to be doing activities and still having so much time with us. It'll be harder to let her choose dance or some other activity when she's going to be in school most of the day. I actually didn't think sending her to school would end up being a hard thing for me but I'm already sad about it and it's still a year away!

I'm realizing more and more how much I need to cherish this time with my kids because once they are in school, I won't get to have them to myself all day.

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A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

She is so adorable and I love her little hip hop outfit and pose!! I can't wait til my daughter can enjoy dance lessons!!