Thursday, July 19, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: Funny Phrases

Today I am linking up with Emmy Mom to post my Proud Mommy Moments.

I've been feeling lately like my kids are always saying something funny and I keep forgetting to write it all down! I used to be so good about doing that and I haven't done it in so long.
 Petey, age 4:
Me: "Spidey, please go pick up your toys."
Spidey: "I cant..."
Petey: "You have fingers and hands. Go pick up your toys!"

"How does a duck fly? They just wing it!" (She got this from WordWorld but it's more hilarious when she says it because she giggles the whole time and thinks it is the most hilarious thing.)

Talking to her little friend, "I'm 4 now because I have had 2 birthdays." (Hopefully math isn't a problem later in life...)
Me: "You're my little snuggle bunny."
Petey: "Mom, you're my big snuggle cow."

"Mom, 'Spidey' has dots like me! That means he is a big boy now!" She was referring to the freckles on his face (You can see them in the picture below). When she turned 4, she literally had 4 freckles on her arm and she was convinced she would get one with each birthday. Since then, she has gotten many more so that didn't really come true but it is still a cute thought. Now she thinks anyone with "dots" is a big kid. :)

Yesterday, I asked, "Do you want to go get pokes right now and get a treat or wait and maybe not get any pokes?"
Petey: "I want the pokes now because I want ice cream."
Me: "You would choose getting your blood drawn if it means getting ice cream after."
Petey: "Yes. I just like ice cream!"
And that is literally what happened. We were maybe going to wait on blood work but since she wanted it, we decided to go ahead just to be safe and make sure she has no issues. She hardly even cried and as soon as I reminded her about pink ice cream with pink sprinkles, she startd laughing during the blood draw. She is such a silly girl.

Spidey, age 2.5:
One of his favorite phrases is, "I cant...", said in a very solemn voice.

Other favorite phrases:
"Howee cwap!"
"Mom, listen to me!"
"Stop doing dat!"

As you can see from the last two phrases, Spidey is very bossy.

I wish I could think of more funny things that Spidey says because he literally makes us laugh all the time! For some reason, my mind is blank but I'll try to be better about writing down the funny things that are said in our home.

Thanks for letting me participate, Emmy!

And that's how Suze sees it. 

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Emmy said...

Love this!! And yes those little things you always think you will remember but do forget so quickly. So glad you played and recorded them. Loved this post! I love when little kids tell jokes they really do think they are so funny