Monday, July 30, 2012

The Monday Brags: Hip Hop and Bible Stories

I have not done a 'Monday Brag' in a couple of weeks and after seeing my sister in law posting her brag, I realized I have some of the cutest videos to show you of my smart girly! This first one just amazes me. Yesterday at church, Petey learned the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den. We actually didn't know this until after church in the car, when she proceeded to almost perfectly recite the entire story. Sometimes it just amazes me how much of a sponge she is. If she hears a story once, she can usually retell it. So please enjoy this video of 'Daniel in the Lion's Den', as told by a 4 year old.
Then today, during Petey's hip hop class, I decided to break out the camera to show some of her cute moves.
The first video is just a quick one of her learning how to roll over from her back. I know it's not much but I just love watching how well she does in her class.
This last video is of the whole class practicing the dance they are learning for December's recital. They are just barely learning it and have only had a couple of practices so I'd actually say Petey is doing really well learning it already!
Isn't that the most adorable thing you've ever seen? I was so mad that my camera died in the end because Petey started freestyling and throwing in some of her own adorable dance moves in the end.
I hope you've all had a wonderful Monday!

And that's how Suze brags.

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