Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Bedroom Switch (I know, right?)

Last year, we made a big decision to move the kids into the master bedroom.
It was a good switch for us at the time because we had Boss' brother living with us. I loved having the toys locked up in the closet so the kids could only play with them when they had picked up the last toy. I loved them having space for their bunkbeds. But I didn't love that Spidey broke the blinds and then pulled down the blanket we had pinned up every single night. I didn't like that they stopped asking for their toys and kept playing with my stuff around the house. And I didn't like that I gave up my big closet and my master bathroom.
So last week, we decided to switch them back and since Boss' brother moved out like 6 months ago, we have an extra bedroom for their toys again!
 Boss is the most awesome husband and moved all of the big stuff by himself. This is actually a picture from a couple of months ago to show you what Boss did to surprise me this weekend.
 I have been wanting the bunkbeds painted since we got them! I was so excited that he stained them dark brown. I'm also super proud that I got the room cleaned yesterday so the kids can be back in their beds tonight.
 This is the other side of their room. The room looked super small when we had our king size bed in it and now it looks big again!
 Luckily, we kept most of their decorations up so I only had to add a few things.
 Their closet holds all of their clothes and we are definitely stocked up on Pull-ups. (There was a sale...)
Today, I took the kids over to our house (Did I mention we're babysitting at my parents house til tonight?) so I could finish up their room and get the playroom all done.
 I really can't believe I finished it already! The playroom looks awesome with all of their big toys around the room. Much better, now that they can play with almost anything they want.
 We had to leave that tv stand in the playroom because it hides the wi-fi hook ups. But I put all the kids books in there and now it serves two purposes!
The playroom closet has all of Petey's dress ups and on the shelf are all the toys the kids have to ask before getting into.
I am so excited that the switch is done but now my family room is a disaster and it's going to take me DAYS to get it all back to normal.
So here's to more cleaning! Hopefully, I can get it done soon so I don't feel totally frazzled.

And that's how Suze makes a quick decision and goes with it!

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