Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Two Bald Guys I Live With

My heart is kind of breaking today. It must be the unbalanced hormones I am currently experiencing but it's been over 24 hours of me grieving my infertility. Why do days like this happen? I thought it was getting better.

But since I don't really want an entire blog post about infertility and negativity, I'll write about my husband and son because they make me smile and I'm so lucky to have them.

Yesterday, I asked Boss to cut Spideys hair. The above picture is a picture from a few days ago but it shows that his hair was getting a bit long. I love the red hair and I hate cutting it all off but it gets hot in the summer here and my little boy sweats a lot so his hair gets really nasty.
I specifically asked Boss to buzz Spidey's hair and what I was wanting was his hair to look like it does in the picture above. In my mind, buzzed means mostly cut off but still showing that the kid has hair! (That above picture is from last October.)

I walked into the bathroom a couple of minutes later and found this...
Oh yeah, you're seeing that correctly. Boss SHAVED just the top of Spidey's hair off. Seriously? Really? Seriously?!! My brother in law said the picture looks like Benjamin Button and I totally agree. That was such a creepy movie in my opinion and that is what my son looks like in the picture!
Of course, he did end up shaving it all off and then he let Spidey help him shave his own head (which is something he does every month...he doesn't like having a receding hair ling so he chooses to have no hair at all.).
And here is the finished product of my bald little son. I was actually quite mad that he shaved his head but I know it will grow back so I've gotten over it pretty quickly. But I do a double take every time he walks in the room. It looks SO weird!

I'm so thankful that my family can take my mind off of this trial that seems to be neverending in my life. They really are my best friends and my favorite people!

And that's how Suze mourns her son's bald head.

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