Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday Randoms and The Giant Haboob

We had a fun filled Saturday this week.
For being a mom who usually takes pictures almost every single day, I really haven't been pulling my camera out that much lately.
It makes me sad when I look in Picasa and don't see very many recent pictures.
And I know I still probably take more pictures than the average person but it's not what I'm used to.
I just love being able to look through my albums and remember so many memories, since I actually have a horrible memory and sometimes can't remember what I did yesterday.'s our Saturday in pictures.
 I was looking for Spidey in the morning and when I "found" him, I had to go grab the camera before I let him know I found him.
 He loves hiding and thinks it's so funny when we finally find him in these silly, creative places.
 For breakfast on Saturday, the kids and I headed to our church for a pancake breakfast to celebrate Pioneer Day (which is actually July 24th). Petey had fun dressing up in her special dress from Nana and she made that fun vest at one of the crafts but Spidey was more into the activities that involved bows/arrows and playing other games that pioneer children played. :) It was a really fun morning but their poor daddy hadn't slept well the night before so he stayed home.
 We had a leisure morning and lunch and then it was time for Spidey's nap. Petey was playing all by herself in the playroom and I took the camera in to snap a couple gorgeous pictures of her. I really do love dressing her up but I also love getting pictures of her just naturally being beautiful. I love the little girl hair in the face and I love those big blue eyes.
 She played with this toy for a really long time and I was so proud of her for honoring "quiet time" while Spidey was sleeping.
 That afternoon, we headed to my parents house for a cookout and swimming. My mom bought this Twister towel and Petey did amazing at playing the game correctly. I'm so happy that she knows left and right and she's pretty flexible and was doing all sorts of crazy moves.

Then we went swimming, which was super fun but I never took any pictures because I was too busy playing! About 30 minutes into our swimming fun, someone looked over the fence and too our surprise, this is what we saw...
 It seriously looked freaky! It was just this huge cloud of dust coming pretty fast toward the house. We rushed the kids inside and I stayed out to take a couple more pictures. :)
 It got closer and closer...
 ...and bigger...
 ...and even bigger...
 ...and yes, seriously bigger...
...until it finally got to us. I got this last picture and I love how it shows all of the dust particles that were coming at us so fast. I accidentally opened my eyes toward the dust storm and it burned! I could feel the tiny pieces of dust hitting my eyes. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

The kids actually had a ton of fun watching through the window and luckily, after the cloud of dust had passed, it rained really hard for probably an hour.

I am so glad we get to enjoy time with family and time alone in our own home. We really are so blessed with so many things and it is nice to be able to remember all of the fun times we have together.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Jenna said...

That storm was NUTSO! We were stuck inside Panda Express when it happened. Great pictures!