Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Enjoying the Moments

I logged on to Blogger 45 minutes ago and had plans for starting a new blog post.
But then I heard a tiny peep from my kids' room that said, "Momma? I need a grink (translation: drink)."
I even had the thought of ignoring it and seeing if he would go back to bed but I knew I needed to not be "lazy mom" and be "proactive mom that gets up when her children need her". So that is who I was.
I quietly opened the door with the "grink" and Spidey gulped the entire cup. Then, I told him I'd sing him a song before he went back to bed and after one song turned into 10, I just knew I had to get video of him singing 'I am a Child of God'.
So that's what I did.
(I apologize, it was dark in his room so it's really just sound.)

Has your heart melted yet? Because mine has.
After the song, my boy wanted his picture taken.
So naturally, I had to take about 20 because he loves to ham it up for my camera.
This was the outcome.
I will always cherish those pictures because they will remind me of the time I spent enjoying the minutes we were in instead of wishing my life were somewhere else.
There are so many days I wish I could have the mind of a child again.
The days when tying a blanket around your neck meant you became a super hero...
(Or as my son says, "Mom, make me Supa-Man!".)
The days when you enjoyed the exact moments you were in.

I find myself often wishing Boss was done with school or that we could afford a fancier car or a bigger house but what I need to enjoy is having little kids and a darn good life right now.
They won't be little much longer.

So tomorrow, I will try to enjoy those tender moments a little more and yell a lot less.
(Yelling is my mommy weakness.)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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