Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We Are Young Monkeys

Oh my monkey kids.
Today both of my kids took naps played in their room during naptime.
When I went in to get them after a while, I noticed that there were things on the floor that I had put on the top bunk a few weeks ago.
So I asked how that happened and Petey replied, "Oh, I climbed up there and got them."
In case you are wondering why that surprises me, our bunkbeds are abnormally tall and we don't have the ladder on it because we don't want the kids sleeping up there right now.
So of course, as any curious mother would, I asked Petey to show me how she climbed up there. I decided to take a video of the short heart attack she gave me as I watched her climb up there and climb back down.

Needless to say, we decided the safest thing right now is to just put the ladder on the bunk beds and see what happens. I HATE that their floor is tiled but we layed down tons of pillows and their mini couches and bean bags so hopefully, if anyone fell they wouldn't get too hurt. Actually, hopefully noone falls off. Ever.

Now onto the really funny, cute, adorable, hilarious video from tonight. My kids really love to sing the song "We Are Young" when it comes on my iPod. So before we put the kids to bed tonight, we turned it on and had a family singing session! :)

Seriously, though, my kids are so adorable...

And that's how Suze sees it.

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