Monday, July 16, 2012

Perspective: Revisiting My Yearly Goals

I am not a super mom.
I don't sit down and play with my children as often as I should.
But I am trying.
 (Don't you love how they have the EXACT same nose that scrunches the EXACT same way?)

I have been wanting to do a mid-year goals post so that I can stay accountable to my New Years Goals that I made at the beginning of the year. I don't see the point of making goals if I'm not going to reread them and stick to them year round so I have been faithfully trying to make myself a little better and I am actually succeeding!

The words I am focusing on this year are organize and prioritize. If you read my blog consistently then you've seen some of the organizing work we've done. It has been really hard because I hate cleaning(!) but I'm really almost done organizing my entire home. I just need to tackle our closet and we need to finish the garage.
My priorities have been in and out of check. I've focused a lot more on my children and a lot less on getting pregnant and that has helped me to appreciate what I have. But I still have rough days and I know I need to have more gratitude.
As far as attending the temple monthly, I got the first four months of the year done and then completely forgot about my goal until this week! Time really does fly by and I can't believe it's already July. So Boss and I made plans to go this weekend to get back on track.
 One of my goals that wasn't really posted has been to make more time for my kids. I guess this could go along with prioritizing and appreciating them. I've tried really hard to sit down and play with my kids and read more books to them.
 I really don't succeed in that department and it actually takes a lot for me to stop doing what I'm doing and just play dollhouse with the kids but when I do, we have so much fun!
 I can tell by the looks on their faces that my kids appreciate me playing at their level with them.
 Getting down to their level gives me so much perspective on my kids and what their lives are like. As much as I struggle, I want to be a hands on mother and lately, my goal has been to spend 30 minutes just doing whatever my kids want each day. Eventually, I hope to make that time even longer.
I want my kids to have memories with me. I don't want memories to just be fun trips or special things we've done. I want memories to be every day things that their mom did with them.
I want them to have that perspective that I do when I am with them. I love my children so much. I stay home because I want to be their number one teacher and cheerleader. I want them to always know that their mom is here for them and not just in the other room on the computer and too busy to pay attention to them.

As much as I need them, I know they need me too.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Kodi & Lindsey said...

Kodi and i started going to the temple once a month and it is soooo great. Bummer for July though because it's closed from now until the end if July for cleaning :/ i guess I'll have to go twice in August to make up for it.