Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flashback Friday

( ...even though it's being posted on Saturday)
Ive decided Friday posts are going to be flashback posts. I love looking back on the hundreds of pictures I have. It's actually something I just do from time to time, not just when I want to make a blog post. :) Hopefully Ill be able to keep up and post every Friday but if not, youll get the post a little late, like you are today. :)

This picture is one of many from our very first trip together. How lucky we were that our first trip was going to Hawaii with my family. It was beautiful. I'd been there once before when I was a freshman in high school but it really just isn't the same as going with someone you love as much as I love the Boss. I was pregnant with Petey here and sick as a dog but it was still a trip worth taking.

Do you want to know why we went to Hawaii?

Yes, it's true. We are THAT much ASU fans. Go Devils! This is actually the reason we went when I was a freshman too. My dad loves ASU and almost never misses a football or basketball game...home games AND away games.

I cant wait to go back to Hawaii again some day. It was the most fun trip we've had together since we got married.

And that's how Suze sees it.

PS: When I was a freshman and we went to Hawaii, I won a hula hoop contest during half time at one of the games and got a free xbox game...which I traded for $20. haha. This last time we went in 2007, I was asked to do the contest again and failed MISERABLY since I didnt take into account the fact that I was pregnant and could not hula hoop as well as I had before. It was slightly embarrassing and Im sure everyone was wondering what a pregnant lady was doing entering a hula hoop contest. :)

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