Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet Fred (Tot School)

Meet Fred.

Fred is the newest member of our household.
Fred is always hungry.
But Fred is a picky eater.
On this particular day, Fred only wanted to eat purple pompom balls. And then he wanted to eat only pink ones. On another day, Fred got really particular and only wanted to eat red triangles. Get the picture?
But Fred is no match for Petey. She knows just what to give him to make his tummy feel warm and fuzzy.
And that, my dear friends, is Phase 1 of our tot school. Petey enjoys learning and I enjoy watching her and teaching her. Thankfully, my sister in law was a 1st grade teacher and now that she is home with her chicklets, she handed some fun stuff and ideas down to us that we can use at home.
To end this post, here is another sneak peek for Petey's Halloween costume. Any guesses now? The first sneak peek was the hot pink/black/white tutu. :)

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kelly said...

How cute, I love Fred! Way to go for getting Hayley in the game and teaching her great things. What a good mama you are!