Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Madness

What stressed me out today?

First, Petey drank 1/4 bottle of Motrin. After hanging up with Poison Control and finding out she didnt drink enough for it to be toxic, she spilled a bowl of just-off-the-stove-boiling-hot-macaroni all over her body. A quick phone call to pediatric doctor Grandpa and she is just fine. Her foot was red/purple but it's gotten tons better throughout the day.
What did I do that was fun today?

Took 4 toddlers to Hobby Lobby and after getting there, the two potty trained girls both needed to use the potty. Nice Aunt Juli took them to the bathroom while I stayed out with these two cuties.
What made me laugh today?
Spidey started doing this funny move. Hilarious if you ask me. He loves to look at me upsidedown now.
What made me smile today?

Seeing Baby B smile this big. And I LOVE that one eyebrow up. :)
How was your Monday Madness?

1 comment:

kelly said...

I love the pic of the babies waiting patiently, probably thinking, "Diapers are SO much easier!" Ha! :)