Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Madness

Today's Monday Madness:
What made me frustrated?
The fact that I vaccumed yesterday and my rug looked like this today.
What made me feel blessed?
These shoes were given to us by a friend and since my boy is growing up, they now fit him! With him probably walking in another month or so, this was a huge blessing to have some free shoes to start us off.
What made me smile?
Seeing my 3 favorite people play at the park and then crash in the grass.
What made me relieved?

No, we didnt find our mail key but I stalked out the mailman today and showed him my license and he gave me my mail! And though the new mail keys are going to cost $40, I will keep them safe this time. This picture shows what'll happen to you if you dont get your mail for over a week.
What did I need?

Our quiet time. Every day when Spidey goes down for a nap, Petey gets to lay on the floor and watch a movie and I get to blog...or clean...or do something else (obviously today, it's blogging).

And that's how Suze sees it.


Laraine Eddington said...

Aren't afternoon breaks great! What cute kids you have.

kelly said...

I decided I'm going to try to comment more because I know I appreciate comments, knowing when ppl read my blog.

This was a cute idea for a post. Gives a good feel for your day.

I saw your status on facebook - about having a super hard day - and I thought I'd text you... if I could find my phone. Just know I was thinking about you. Hope it got better :)