Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flashback Friday

Will Flashback Friday EVER be on a Friday?
At least I came closer this time...only 4 hours til midnight and then it technically will be Friday. :)
Tomorrow is going to be busy with a funeral and other plans so I decided we'd better get this one up a little early since this weekend also holds a very Special Event.

This picture will probably always be one of my favorites. This is around the time Petey was learning to walk and I was flashing pictures left and right. This face has so much sass in it and is so much MY daughter. I also loved when her hair was this length and I did the two tiny piggies on top of her head and let her curls down on the bottom. I LoVeD this time with Petey. She was developing so much personality all at once and I loved everything about her...including her sass.
And this is Spidey yesterday...standing for long periods of time a whole TWO months earlier than his sister did. He may not seem fast to you since he will have his 1st birthday next week but he's done almost everything exactly 2 months before Petey and I just find that so funny. This boy will be walking in weeks and I just dont want to let him grow up! He was supposed to be my baby for a long time but apparently he has other plans of his own.
Spidey also took his first steps yesterday. He took 2 steps in a row but it took a lot to even get him to that point so we'll see how long walking takes.

I'm so proud to be the momma of two great children. As I'm writing this, Petey is snuggled at my feet asleep...because that's what non-napping toddlers do. They zonk out at 8pm every night. At least mine does. It's such a beautiful thing and I'd take 8pm bedtimes over naps any day. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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