Monday, September 13, 2010


Both my chubbies at 11 months old. Love it!
(and seriously, did anybody notice Petey is playing wih a BOX CUTTER? I am such a horrible parent...especially since I dont think Ive ever noticed that until today)

I am really becoming quite thankful for my camera. It takes images like this......the old one took images like this (and yes, I edited it all funny but the fuzziness in the image is so noticeable when you compare the two).

These are my kids both in the grass for the first time. Petey was around 7 months and Spidey is 11 months so a big difference in size. Their reaction was much different. Petey didn't like it. Spidey started crawling as fast as he could.

I love flashbacks so much.

And that's how Suze sees it.


kelly said...

I love my Meredith camera as opposed to my Gwenna camera. I got a new camera when Gwenna was 5 months and I adore it! I hope it lasts for a long time.... coming on 2 years in a couple months and I'm still satisfied with the quality.

I love finding similarities in my kids. It's too fun!

Candice said...

you posted their actual names with the photos!

Suzanne M said...

Youre right, I did. I knew I was doing it too but I had already saved the photo that way. Ive also posted a craft where I did their names up on the wall with mod podge scrapbook paper.