Friday, December 2, 2011

The Bad Times

It's been a HARD week.
I know you probably think I'm crazy because there is a certain week out of the month where I seem to write more about my baby hunger, hard times, etc. Yup, that darn week is here! And add on top of that many other life stressors and it has been one heck of a crappy week.
Every time this week happens, I feel like it's going to take forever to get pregnant again...if ever. I get a lot more pessimistic and I am not a very good mother. And then I get mad that I'm not being a good mother and that just leads me to more frustration which leads to being a worse mother.
My kids watch too many movies. I don't teach them as many things as I used to. I feel like I'm being such a lazy parent. We used to do fun things almost every day. The house used to stay clean. Notice I still haven't finished my "Mothers Who Know" segment? That is because I have NOT been a mother who knows.
But hopefully next week, things change. Hopefully, it will be a better week. And maybe I'll even try to keep the house clean. "sigh"
I'm just a bit discouraged today. Things will get better.
"It's a bad day, NOT a bad life." I have a great life. It just isn't a great day.

And that's how Suze complains even though she's been dealt a pretty great life.

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Emmy said...

I think we all have the right and even the need to vent even when things overall are good- sometimes releasing is one of the best things you can do.