Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kids' Room/Play Room Redo{Again}

Yes, we have redone the kid's room a little bit. And yes, I am here to tell you all about it...again.
It's just that we followed through with a great idea and I want to share it with all of you!
So here is the first picture. This is right as you walk into the kids' room. Notice anything missing? Maybe a huge load of toys that are usually scattered on the ground? Now, that wall is only home to two mini couches, a toddler basketball hoop, and a rocking horse. Organization at it's finest.

Now let's move to Petey's bed. Notice a change there? Where is the top half of the bunkbed?!

Oh look! I found it. It is now the bed of our dear little Spidey. When he sleeps in it, he looks so small but luckily since it was the top bunk, it has a rail so he won't fall off his new big boy bed. Bye bye, crib! This room has definitely graduated from a baby room to a little kid room now. :(

So I know you are wondering where AL of the toys went. That was our biggest change and the master plan behind all of this moving around of beds and things.

Let's take a tour of the kids' closet...

Hey look, I found all the toys! And they are neatly organized in those metal cubbies!

So now feel free to ask yourself why the heck we would stuff the kids' toys into their not-so-big-closet. And the answer is simple and the most genius idea of all. We turned the lock to the closet around and now the toys are ALL locked up.

The kids have been wonderful with this new change and know to ask one of us if they can play with a certain toy. They have also learned that when they want a new toy out, that other toy better be cleaned up before mom or dad will get them another toy.


Greatest idea we have ever had.

This change has taken so much stress off of Petey and I because we no longer stare at a terrorized room at the end of the day and wonder how we'll ever clean everything up. There are usually one or two straggling toys at the end of the day and we just put them back in the closet and lock it up for the night.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

And that's how Suze comes up with a solution to a very annoying problem. :)

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Juli said...

LOVE!!! Wish we had a way to do that here!! :)