Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crockett Mexican Fiesta

Every year, my husband's extended family has a fun Mexican fiesta sometime around Christmas to celebrate with each other.
This year, it was the day after Christmas but with the Christmas posts, the wedding, and New Years, I never blogged about it! So here you have it. :)
The best part of the fiesta for the kids is being able to smack the pinata.

Here are some of the adults, lined up against the wall, ready to watch the kids smash the pinata. One of the people in this picture was the one who ended up breaking the pinata. :) My kids posed by the enormous Snow man pinata.Josh is the youngest (besides Carissa who is still too little to hit the pinata) so he got to go first.Next was Spidey and boy did he smack that thing hard. He had SO much fun. Caia went after him and did pretty well also. To keep Spidey occupied during the rest of the pinata fun (since he kept wanting to go back and hit it), Boss played catch with him. Our little boy has a pretty good arm. Miss Petey was a little more apprehensive but she gave it a few good hits. I missed taking pictures of a couple people between Petey and Sarah and this was the last pinata picture I took but there are tons of kids in the family and everyone got a turn...until Rylee (who's 14) got a hold of the bat. :) She smacked him around and broke him open. Petey LOVED grabbing a bunch of candy and the older cousins kept giving her and Spidey more! (There are still 2 full bags sitting in my kitchen, since I give the kids once piece a day). Uncle Ben gave Petey a shoulder ride to watch the end of the pinata fun......and Spidey hitched a ride on Uncle John's shoulders (These are my husbands little brothers).

It was such a fun day and I love when we get to spend time with our Crockett side of the family. It is always entertaining and we enjoy being around our wonderful family.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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