Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fatty and Katie's Wedding

On December 28th (this past Wednesday), my bro in law, Fatty (who's real name is Zachary but really goes by the nickname Fatty) married his beautiful bride, Katie, in the Mesa, AZ temple! We were so happy to be apart of it and welcome Katie into our family.

She looked beautiful in her dress and they both looked so happy.My kids were some of the first to run up and hug them. Katie is hugging Petey and Fatty is picking up Spidey. :)Spidey had to scoot himself down the stairs and we were all laughing because he was going really slow.Uncle Fatty and Petey.Uncle Fatty and the boy who didn't want to sit still for a single picture.Uncle John snuck into the picture I was taking of the girls. :)Petey with two of her 2nd cousins(?). They were such good friends all week and it was fun to see them play. Uncle Dan tried to keep Spidey occupied by swinging him around. It worked for about 3 seconds.Miss B was acting shy but I was one of the only people she would let hold her! It made me happy. I love my snuggly little B and wish I could see her more often.Petey posed for some pictures in her cute little skirt, sewn by Katie's mother.Beautiful Newman family. These two boys were my life savers at the temple. They helped keep Spidey occupied most of the time and were SO good with him.

After the temple, we had a luncheon together (no pictures) and then we got to rest for a while before the reception. As soon as we got to the reception, Leezer and Petey wanted a picture with Katie. They followed her around most of the night. :)

Besty cousins. :)Cousin love.Uncle Will (my little brother) was there too, since my family is friends with my husband's family.Ginger's sticking together. :)See? The little girls kept following Katie around. It was cute at first but after a while, we made them stop. :)Uncle Ben danced with Hayley and actually let me take a picture of him!These skirts were made for twirlin'!Toward the end of the night, Spidey was doing a lot of this..."sigh". Poor boy was so exhausted and tired of being told he couldn't run around. Best picture of my little B. She is soooo adorable! Doesn't this picture just make you want to squeeze her?This is the only picture I got of the 3 girl cousins. haha. Better luck next time, I guess.Petey found her Guthrie cousins and played with them for a while. S is so funny and it made me laugh that Petey was trying to copy him.The end of the night, Spidey wouldn't stop doing this and so we left. Boss stayed to clean up and I was left with two screaming children the entire way home.
It was a LONG day but oh so worth it. We are so glad that Katie is a part of our family and that we got to share in their special day...and also that my kids' cousins got to come down from Utah and play with them, if only for a day. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Juli said...

I just had to come back and tell you how happy I am that you got such great pics of the kiddos at the reception!! Thank you for sharing them so I could see.