Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sun Devil Winters

One of my favorite things about the weather cooling down and Christmas lights being put up on houses is knowing that college basketball season has started. I am not an avid basketball fan but I am a Sun Devil fan!
We have already been to a couple of games (and missed many of them too) but last weekend, Boss stayed home with Spidey and my girly and I got to go to the game with Grandpa and Wilbur Force.
My parents even had some awesome ASU Santa hats for us to sport. Wilbur Force and Petey wore them. :)

That's my little girly, posing ON a chair. Good thing it didn't fold up on her.

Halfway through the game, Petey was a little bored and tired so we broke out the camera and took some funny pictures.

This was supposed to be our smiling picture but someone gave me the crazy eyes. I love looking at this picture because that is exactly my girl! She is always doing something silly.

Of course, this picture was a close second for funniest picture. She tried really hard to copy the face I was making.

Getting a shoulder ride from Grandpa is the best way to leave the game. Of course, we did lose that particular game but we still support our Devils!

And that's how Suze sees it.

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