Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Adam

Since I found a tiny little 5 min break between holiday festivities, I decided I'd better get on the ball and post our celebration of Christmas Adam (you know, the day before Christmas Eve?).
We spent the evening with my family since we wouldn't see them on Christmas Eve or Christmas and we did all of our regular Christmas Eve traditions. Caroling, pizza, and opening presents from cousins to cousins, siblings to siblings, Grandparents to grandkids, and parents to kids. :) As you can see, Spidey was a bit excited to start opening presents.Aren't they all adorable? We did not plan to dress them all matching but it was adorable. We wish Kai was in this picture but we did skype with them while opening all of the presents. Isnt he a cutie?!Cousin Dallen got Spidey this fun game. Aunt Candace got Petey a princess book and these princess dominoes. Petey with Grandpa. :) Grandpa got Petey this awesome book with over 100 princess stickers. My favorite gift. :) I love Hilary Weeks newest cd and am SO glad my mom got it for me. This is a picture I took at home of the gift I made for my parents. I am pretty proud of it. My sisters and I went in it together and helped buy the supplies for the vinyl board and we also took some pictures of the kids for them. And here are my cute kids at the end of Christmas Adam. Spidey got those pj's from Grandma and Grandpa and Petey already had her pair so of course, I had to make them match. :)

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