Thursday, February 2, 2012

Closer and Closer

You know, I thought the further into this infertility that we got, the harder it would get. And boy was I wrong.
I remember those first few months and the every day sobbing and the crying myself to sleep and it seems like such a long time ago.
I remember the sensitivity and the frog that seemed to be living in my throat for months as I tried to show everyone I was strong enough to get through this.
I hardly ever felt strong then.
But I feel strong now.
And I feel as though I am living a completely new life. I have two very special children who are both at my favorite ages so far. I have a husband who is on the downhill slope of school, a little more than halfway done, and I stay home full time with my babies. What luck!
The best part of all of this is that the thoughts of infertility do not consume my every day life. I still worry about it occasionally but the heartache of 6 months ago is no longer there. Did you read that correctly? Six months ago.
The kids and I have been enjoying life so much more these days. We take many simple trips around town to the library, the park, and sometimes even on special trips to get ice cream.
My kids love elevators and luckily on this particular ice cream night, we got to ride in one!
We took a trip to the nearby mall and ordered one DQ blizzard, then asked for 2 extra cups so we could all share. (So much cheaper than buying 3 mini blizzards)My boy loves him some ice cream! Petey ate hers rather slowly but he finished and was on his seconds before she finished. And by the time she was finished, I had eaten the rest of the cup of ice cream so Spidey gadly shared his with her. Don't you love his open mouth as he feeds her the ice cream? So cute.

I am just lucky and I wish I could easily express the gratitude that I have for these special people i my life. We may not have much and yet, we have everything!

And that's how Suze sees it.

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