Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Closet Reorganization

Today was a day...a LONG day. My allergies have been taking over my body and I'm pretty sure it's resulted in a sinus infection.
But today was still a day. And it was a fun day for the kids!
We spent our morning at Toy Town in Ahwatukee and while out that way, I could NOT pass up a trip to Ikea. So even though I was babysitting a 5 week old baby, we made the trip! And though that sweet little baby screamed most of the trip and blew out two diapers AND my son was being a stinker (His silly face is deceiving.). {PS: This picture is the epitome of my children. Spidey being silly and Petey admiring herself in a mirror in the background. I love my kids!!!}Petey was pretty good. But she's still a curious three year old and I had to make sure we didn't lose her (We didnt.).
The reason for our trip to Ikea involved the childrens' closet, which has been a disaster! Everything we don't want to look at gets thrown in there and I was sick of it.
So even though our trip to Ikea was short, I grabbed a few more boxes that hold little toys in.The kids potato heads were taking up too much space in their boxes so I put all the pieces in these containers. Also, Spidey got a Cooties game for Christmas and we fit all of the pieces into a container as well. Space saver!!!We decided we needed to move Spidey's clothes into the kids' closet (They were in a broken dresser in the office.( so I bought a little hanging compartment from Walmart and his clothes fit perfectly!The last piece of smart storage I found was also from Walmart but the original idea came from Pinterest. I bought a shoe holder for the door and stuck a bunch of little toys/barbies/cars/the potato head bodies in each compartment.
The closet is much neater now and that makes me a happy woman. :)

And just in case you needed some extra entertainment tonight, here's a video of my monkey jumping off a stool. He's definitely a keeper!

And that's how Suze sees it!

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