Friday, February 24, 2012

Goodbye, hair

This is a cell phone picture I took a couple of weeks ago with my cute girly. LOVED my hair this day. I loved my long hair. I love having long hair. But due to dying it too much in the past year, it HAD to be cut. This is a picture I took yesterday.
Goodbye, hair! :)Hello, cheesy boy and stylish-haired momma. :) I can't wait to have long hair again but I do love this haircut. Sorry I have been gone a lot. I haven't had internet all week. But I'm back!!!

And that's how Suze gets her hair cut. Thanks, Heather!


Denise said...

Love the hair!!! :) It's fun to grow your hair out, then chop it, because then everyone notices and compliments you on how fabulous you look! You're ADORABLE, as usual. :)

Juli said...

I totally wish my hair grew as fast as yours! AND the cut is super-amazingly-cute! You can pull off just about everything!!! (Lucky girl)

Jenna said...

Looks great! I know what you mean about killing your hair with dye. Well, with bleach in my case. Never doing THAT again.

Carroll Family said...

It's REALLY cute!!!!!