Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Every day, as I sit down to the computer at the end of the day, I think about blogging and then push it to the side. And because my days have been filled, the blogging I've wanted to do has waited.
But today's the day this little girl debuts on my blog.
Three weeks ago, my just-older-than-me sister had a precious baby girl in California. Originally, I planned to go and help her 2-3 weeks after the baby was born. Then, we decided we couldn't afford it and so I accepted the fact that I'd meet this baby girl in March. Then, my sister had her appendix removed and a couple of other hospitalizations and I wanted to drive up there again. Then, my sister decided to fly down here so we could all be of more help during this painful time for her.
So I didn't have to wait! Petey already adores this little girl cousin of hers. This is her first girl cousin on my family's side. Big brother, little sister. I love my K Bear. I was pleasesantly surprised that Spidey actually liked this baby girl and wanted to be around her and touch her softly. He sometimes gets rough with her but he is learning. I missed K Bear so much and am so happy to see him!
They came into town Sunday night but I got to meet this sweet baby girl Monday morning. I was so glad I got to help care for her.
I gave her a bath and though she gave me many of these dirty looks, she didn't cry. Grandma took both of the 2 year old boys to the store so Petey was my little helper and loved bathing Baby Ellie. All warm and toasty after her bath. Petey helped me pick out her outfit and of course, her bow. Doesn't she look like a little princess?When Boss came home from school, he spent dinner time (literally, since the rest of us were eating) snuggling on Ellie. I love the way he loves babies. He is such a good dad...and uncle!That night, we took K Bear back to our house since he hadn't been sleeping well through the night. I wanted to let Grandma, Grandpa and my sister get some sleep. The kids all took a bath together and had so much fun. They all looked so cute wrapped up in their towels. Then I put their jammies on (I swear K Bear was happy)and they snuggled up all in the same bed (by choice). It only lasted about 10 minutes before Spidey started screaming, "K Bear hit me!" (Seriously, my boy is SO the instigater and usually hits K Bear first so not much sympathy was given) and I put him in the other bed. :)
And they ALL slept until:
K Bear woke up 3:30 and NEVER went back to sleep
Petey and Spidey woke up at 4:15 and NEVER went back to sleep.
Needless to say, everybody took long naps yesterday and we are all feeling much better this morning. :)
I am so happy to be there for my sister and to see her beautiful children. This "having babies" time of our lives is so exciting and it is always a wonderful thing to welcome another little baby into our family.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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