Friday, February 3, 2012

Dancin the Night Away

Growing up with the love of dance and participating in many dance-type activities, I was excited to share that love when we found out we'd be welcoming a baby girl into our home. I told myself that I wouldn't force her into anything and I still stand by that......but from the looks of this sassy little personality, I don't think forcing would even be needed!
Whether this girl grows up and chooses to dance, she sure seems to have some dancing bones in her body. This is the pose she gave me over and over today...and I wasn't even requesting it. I'm not sure where she's seen this since she isn't taking dance this semester but it sure is cute. :)
I took a video of my girly yesterday and just asked her to dance however she wanted. There is no music and no promptings from me in the background. This is just my girl dancing to the beat inside her own little head. :)

Can you really deny that she was born with thos dancing bones? :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

Today, I am linking up withh Emmy Mom and her Proud Mommy Moments. :)

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Emmy said...

She is so cute! Love when little kids dance- and yes I don't think you will have to force her by any means- looks like she has it and loves it. Thanks so much for linking up.