Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Carlsbad 2012: Part 2

I have put the rest of the pictures into this part2!!! I apologize for the length of the post but I just wanted to get this finished! On the same day as Legoland, we also went to the aquarium next door. When you first walk in, there is a little slide. Since most of the adults headed to the bathroom for a minute, my dad and I stayed with the kids and let them go down the slide probably 50 times. Then it was time to go see some sea animals! That is a crab in that picture!!!! I have never seen one that huge before and it was so creepy to me. Spidey got to touch a starfish with Boss...Petey refused to get her hands near the thing. :)We stayed by this wall for a while. There were sting rays, sharks, and all sorts of fish swimming in there and the kids loved looking at everything. The kids staring at some HUGE fish in one of the pools. Here is our family picture from the outside of the aquarium/Legoland. I wanted to document that we had, in fact, worn matching shirts! I was so happy when Boss agreed to my plan since we all own these Sun Devil shirts. :) After that, we had dinner at Olive Garden.While waiting for our seats, Grandpa was teaching the 2 year olds a lesson on sharing. :) They each wanted to hold the buzzer that would tell us it was our turn to be seated. That night, we walked to the beach to see another sunset. It was beautiful! I love that top picture of Jp and K Bear. It is so precious. The next morning, I got some silly pictures of my kids holding Baby Ellie. She is such a sweet little thing and my kids loved being around her.
It's so funny how different genders are, even at a young age. Both of my kids got to witness on this trip how Ellie is fed and their reactions were so different. Petey watched my sister feed Ellie and kept saying, "That's so sweet and so beautiful." but when Spidey walked in the room, he looked at my sister in curiosity and then said, "Go put a sweater on!" It was hilarious!!!!!! That morning, we all went to the beach together, with NO intentions of getting very wet. WAell, my little boy was adament and made sure to get himself soaked multiple times while the rest of us just put our feet in the water. Petey's bathing suit is seriously adorable and it would be much better if the bottoms weren't so darn low!!! Mix that with them not completely fitting yet and we saw a lot of crack that morning. :) After wer were done at the beach, both kids needed to wash the sand off in the cold outside shower. Well, since we hadn't planned on getting wet, we hadn't brought towels and it was windy. Both kids freaked out when we were showering them off and we found ways to get them rapped up for the walk back to the condo. You couldn't see either of their faces the whole walk back. :)I did a lot of snuggling this trip which was one of my favorite things. If I can't be the momma to a small baby right now, I sure as heck am going to make a great aunt to the small babies that are in our family right now. Spidey was such a little silly boy and enjoyed many rides like this one on various family member's legs. :)
Tuesday night, we drove Boss to the airport so he didn't miss too much school. His spring break is this week so we were glad he got to come for a couple of days with us. I was really sad to see him go but everyone helpd out so much with my kids. The next day, we went to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. It was such a beautiful thing! We took a tractor ride all around the fields and got out to take some pictures with the fields of flowers. Then we stopped and had a picnic outside. My boy is a master at getting messy! At the Flower Fields, they had a playground with these old play places that my mom says were transported from another city. She said as a child she used to play on these same play sets! (My mom was raised in San Diego.)Thursday, we headed to Balboa Park in San Diego. While waiting for my mom to pick up my dad and brother from the train station (they traveled to San Diego that way because my brother loves the train so much and because it meant less cars had to drive to San Diego.), we played at this outside theater where my mom had her high school graduation. My adorable little Spidey proudly sang his ABC's on that stage for us and Petey danced around. It was really fun for the kids. :)Seriously, it seems impossible for me to keep my boy's face clean. He is such a cutie but that darn messy face!!! While in Balboa Park, we went to a naturaly history museum and saw a lot of cool things. The kids experienced their first 3D movie about sharks and Petey was hilarious and kept swatting at the screen because she thought the fish were right in front of her face. :)It was quite entertaing.
Friday, we headed to a local park in Carlsbad to let the kids play. Poor Spidey fell and got the wind knocked out of him but luckily, Grandma was there to cuddle him for a while. I was so surprised that Spidey made it to the top of the rock wall. Both of the kids loved that and the little blue toy that spun around in circles. I love going to new parks to see the new creative things people come up with. That night while I was out taking family pictures for my sister, Petey and Grandma made homemade pizzas. My girly put all of the toppings on herself and was so proud of her creations. And the pizzas were delicious!
On Saturday ar ound 1pm, we started the drive back to Arizona. Of course, it was pouring rain and I was by myself in a car with two kids. Lucky for me, my little brother decided to ride with me and he was such a huge help! The kids fell asleep pretty fast after we left which I was grateful for. I could hardly see the road between the fog and the rain and I sort of freaked out a lot during the ride home. My mom followed her gps and we ended up taking some crazy way that winded down a mountain with really shapr turns.
As you may or may not know, my poor little girly gets carseat easily. Luckily, we had packed towels and a trash bag just in case she got sick so I wrapped the towels around her body just in case. More luckily, she never did end up getting sick. But she cried a lot on the way home and kept saying she was going to throw up and didn't feel good. I felt so bad for her! A couple of hours into our trip, we came up to stopped traffic and after seeing a helicopter land a mile ahead of us, realized there had been a car accident. It was crazy and must've been blocking both lanes of traffic because we were literally stopped with our cars turned off and people were just walking around outside their cars. Petey slept through the whole thing but I took that opportunity to get Spidey out for a bit since he was getting tired of sitting. Here is our car stopped on the highway. Such a weird feeling! After about 40 minutes, we started to go again but that didn't end our bad driving experiences. It started to rain again PLUS it had gotten dark. Needless to say, I cried a little, got upset, and even called my mom to yell at her for not going slower. Dont worry, I've apologized for that. :) My windshield wipers were breaking and it was SO hard to see the road. I was REALLY glad when we finally made it home, 9 hours after leaving (It's supposed to be a 6 hour drive.).

We had such a great time and are so thankful to my parents for helping us make such wonderful memories as a family.

And that's how Suze sees it. c

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