Monday, March 26, 2012

Potty Training with Fire

My son is one super awesome kid. Seriously. Not only can he potty train like a champ, he can save our house from burning down. How, you ask?Well, let me tell you!
Around 4pm today, I noticed my champion potty trainer had had a small accident in his underwear so I sent him to the bathroom and I went to grab him some underwear from the dryer.
Upon opening the dryer, I noticed FLAMES in the back so I yelled "Fire!" (so Boss would know to come running) and quickly got all of the clothes out of the dryer (Not a single piece of clothing was burned. Booyah!).
Boss quickly unhooked the dryer and we took it out know, just in case it blew up or something. :)
The smell/smoke in the laundry room seemed to get worse and Boss was worried that the fire was somewhere in the walls but after much checking, a trip to the attic, and a couple of trips around the house, we concluded that there was no more fire. Phew! The smell ended up going away after a while so we definitely feel like we are in the clear for our house being safe.
Double phew!
After all of the excitement was over, I decided my little boy is a superstar. This kid that had 3 accidents the first day and then NONE the next 2 days (Yesterday was a fluke and he had 4 accidents.) decided to have an accident at 4pm when I needed to check that dryer. Otherwise, the whole thing could've blown up. And that's not me being sarcastic.
So do I still think my son is a pro potty trainer? YES!
And am I seriously so so so so SO glad that he peed his pants this afternoon? TRIPLE YES!

Thank you, super awesome son of mine. Feel free to have more accidents anytime you need to tell me there's a fire in the house. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Kelly said...

If your kid's going to pee his pants, that's the time to do it! Way to go - to your entire family, really :)