Thursday, March 8, 2012

What makes me happy?

Over on the Time Out For Women blog, they asked readers to blog about the things that make us happy. I feel like this is going to be a long blog post because there are SO many things that make me happy! I'll try to narrow it down to some of the most important ones in my life.Visiting my church's temple always brings me happiness. I love taking my kids there so they can grow up knowing how special that place is. Babies make me so happy. Being around little newborns who have just come from Heaven is such a neat experience, especially when it is your own children. When my children get along! I remember my mom always saying that it made her happy when my sisters and I would treat each other nicely and I never quite understood it until I had 2 children of my own who sometimes fight. I love it when they do nice things for each other!

Watching old videos of my children makes me happy. Technology in general is such an amazing thing and I love that I have the opportunity to remember my children in different stages of their life. In this ADORABLE video, Petey is a couple of months younger than Spidey is right now (just about 2 years old).

My sisters make me happy. They are all so incredibly talented and I love that we will always have each other. This is a video from 2010 when we sang the National Anthem at an ASU basketball game. If we all lived in town, we would still be doing it but unfortunatly, a couple of those girlies decided to move out of state!

I cannot express enough how much I love staying home with my children. It brings me the most happiness throughout my days. I know I am lucky and that not every mother gets to do what I do so I try not to take it for granted. We have SO much fun at our house and I love engaging my children in activities that I love, one of them being dance. (Doesn't Petey have some awesome dance moves?:)

What makes YOU happy?

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mindy said...

seriously...cutest videos EVER! love it. & that video of you guys singing is SO good! you guys are amazing...speaking of videos- do you have the one of you & i from the choir bbq?! haha. your kids are adorable!