Thursday, March 22, 2012

Proud Mommy Moment: Potty Training, Round 2

Remember when I swore I would not potty train my son until he had hit 3 years old?
Remember how I even tried it for a day two months ago and I gave up because want it or not, he was not ready?
Well, ladies and gents, he is ready now! And I'm in disbelief at how well he is doing.
For the past couple of months, my son has been using the potty once in a while just randomly to pee. Since he was so comfortable with the potty, this experience has been SO different from Petey's. The first day of her potty training, we had to teach her it wasn't scary to use the potty and how to feel when her body needed to go. But my little man already knows all of that!So two days ago, around 3 or 4pm, I bought that little boy some Thomas the Train underwear, told him to keep them dry, and we set off. He ended up having one accident that night before bed but used the potty three times!

Then came yesterday. It seemed like his sticker chart blew up with stickers! He went 14 times and had 3 accidents. Might I mention that his sister also had 3 accidents yesterday? "sigh"

The day we decided potty training was a GO, I researched tips online and the main thing I wanted to do differently was not to tell him when to go use the bathroom. When we potty trained Petey, we asked her to go about every half hour and I don't think she ever really learned how to listen to her body. So even though I was expecting MANY accidents from him, I decided to let him decide when he needed to go potty. And he ended up with less accidents than I expected!!!

Another thing I changed was not giving out candy for using the potty. Petey stopped using the potty as soon as we stopped giving her candy; hence the sticker chart with Spidey. :) Heck, I'll keep giving him stickers til he's 12 if that's what he wants but we are not giving out candy.

I am proud of my little man and the things he's accomplished. I am praying that the magic of potty training does not wear off with him like it did with Petey because I know it'll be tough if he's having as many accidents s she did that first YEAR. Here's to hoping!

And here's to proud mommy moments with Emmy, whom I'm linking up with today! :)


Emmy said...

Oh fingers crossed for you! So happy he is doing so good! Thank you so much for linking up.

Natalie said...

Looks like he's doing well! Clever lad. I've no idea how to go about potty training, but its a while off yet!

Kmama said...

I'm sorry I'm just getting over here now. It's been a crazy week.

Congratulations on the potty training success!! That is truly awesome!

Thanks for linking up with me and Emmy!