Thursday, May 31, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: Swimming Lessons

Since I missed my Monday Brags this week, I decided to link up with one of my blogger friends, Emmy Mom for her Proud Mommy Moments.
This week, Petey started swim lessons again.
Do you remember last year? The first week, she cried every lesson and hated getting in the water with her teachers.
So we've been talking about it the past couple of months and she has been beyond excited. But I still wasn't sure how she would do once we got there.
On a side note, in the pool at my parents' house, she can almost swim by herself. Well technically, she can swim by herself but she doesn't remember to breathe when she comes up so we still have work to do. :)
Anyway, Tuesday was the first swim lesson of the summer (she's doing lessons all summer long).

Of course, I had to sneak in a picture of what her brother does while she swims. He colors, or reads, or cheers for her while she swims.
This was the very first day of lessons. As you can see, a little nervousness ensued and Petey wasn't quite ready to get in the water.
But those nerves turned into giggles when she got comfortable with her teachers and soon, she was peeking her head up to grin at me.

It did make me laugh when one of her instructors (who clearly was doing this for the first time) said, "Ok, do you want to get in the water and do back floats with me?" And Petey calmly replied, "No, thanks." and he just walked away, not knowing what to do. ha! I'm sure he'll learn from the other instructor who then went over and said, "Ok, time to do your back floats!" and just put Petey in the water. Our girl didn't even complain. I think she just figured if they were giving her a choice, she was deciding not to float on her back. :)
This last picture is from yesterday. She did SO well! Not only did she willingly lay on her back and practice kicking across the water but she kept telling the instructors, "I can swim by myself! Let go and let me swim to the side." and they did, and she did swim to the side by herself, and they were impressed.

I'm so proud to have such a big, brave girl! I was regretting my decision to sign her up for swim lessons every darn week of the summer because it's hot and some days, I know I just won't want to leave my air conditioned home but after seeing how much she loves her lessons and how much she's learning, it is worth it. :)

And that's how Suze brags about her super awesome children.


Emmy said...

Awesome!! She will be an amazing swimmer by the end of the summer. Glad she quickly overcame her fear this time.
Thanks so much for linking up

Kmama said...

She is so cute. And gotta love those manners, "No thanks." Ha!!!

Thanks for linking up with Emmy and me.