Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Words and Goals

This past year was a tough one for me. Many times, I felt stuck in awkward or tough situations. I had good days, heartbreaking days, angry days, and thankful days.
So I've decided that in order to make 2012 a happier year, I'm going to have to do a lot more work to start appreciating the things I have.
I wanted to pick a word to help me in 2012 but I ended up picking 2. My husband says they are almost the same word but I need them for different reasons.
---Organize and Prioritize---
I picked organize mostly to appreciate and utilize the space we are living in. It may be small but it is our home and will be for a long time. There are so many ways in which I can organize my home life. Keeping my home clean is definitely the top of this list and is something I've been working on for months. I'm determined to make 2012 the year that my house can stay clean for more than 2 hours. :) I also want a more organized schedule and budget so that I can stay one step ahead, instead of feeling like I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Prioritize is actually my bigger word for the year. There are so many ways in which I need to use this word in my life.

  • What is more important in 2012? Focusing on having another baby or appreciating the two that I already have?
  • Make time for myself and care about the wonderful body God has given me.
  • Make scripture study and temple sessions important and not just something I can do if I end up having time.

Going along with these two words, I wrote down some specific goals that I'd like to keep in 2012.

  • Hold regular teaching sessions with my children. This week, we are focusing on the letter Y, the number 1, and the color red. Petey is working on the number and letter while Spidey focuses on learning the colors.
  • Do a monthly budget and find ways to save money. I have made many budgets for our family but I think writing one down monthly to see where we are will help us save even more and make sure we stay on track.
  • Take care of my body and exercise regularly.
  • Learn more and care about my PCOS. In the past months, I've been pushing PCOS into the back of my mind and trying not to remember that I have it but that isn't the right thing to do. I want to learn more about it and focusing on getting myself healthier.
  • Make it to the temple every month, with or without Boss. I know this sounds mean but that isn't how I see it. Boss gets very busy with school and often, I'll use his school excuse as an excuse for me not to go to the temple. But I have plenty of babysitters and I can get to the temple every month, even if he can't.


Kelly said...

I like that, a sort of theme for the year. Perfect words and while they have similarities and go together they ARE different. Best of luck this year!!

jen said...

Love your post, Suze. Life at different stages presents different problems. I well remember being in your stage, and if I had made temple attendance a priority then, I know it would have made a difference. Good luck this year. Hope 2012 brings you every joy possible.

Sue said...

Sounds like you are making some great plans here. I agree with Jen about the temple. Things were always getting in the way when I was a young mother, just when I needed it most!

Happy new year!


Stacy Crawford said...

It seems as we are kindrid spirits. Im going to have to add you to the list I follow, as I see our lives are somewhat parallel. Good luck. PCOS is hard to understand. I feel your pain. Every stage presents temple challenges. I'm in the busy teen phase.

Jamie said...

You definitely have the right idea, I'm with Jen-if I had made that a priority in your stage I know it would have been a real gift to my family, no matter how hard it seemed to make it a reality. Good luck this year!

Emily said...

Great goals!!

mindy said...

awesome goals! its hard to focus on the positive sometimes when other things are thrown in the way! i hope you have a good, HAPPY year! love ya suze