Tuesday, December 4, 2012

House Remodel: Petey's Room

 Onto the second remodel post. Boss thinks I'm weird for posting these types of things. Do the rest of you feel the same way? What? No? Ok, good.

My little chickies have shared a room since Spidey was about 4 months old. As soon as they were both in toddler beds, they refused to even sleep in separate beds. It was super cute for a year and a half until recently, when they started to fight or play in their room until 10 or 11pm. We decided that we needed to convince Petey to be a big girl and sleep in her own room now.

At first, she was hesitant about sleeping in her own room with the possibility of monsters and ghosts lurking in dark shadows. She hasn't slept alone in a long time and was super scared about the change. So we did what any good parent does and bribed our little girly into her own room.

As soon as we told her we would decorate it how she wanted, she started to get excited and decided on a Hello Kitty room. I was baffled since I didn't even know she knew what Hello Kitty was but whatever gets her in her own room, right? We convinced her to ask Santa for her new bedding and in a couple of weeks, we'll see if he comes through with the gift she is hoping to get. I have a strong feeling that he found a great Black Friday deal and will not disappoint. :)

Anyway, as soon as the family room remodel was over, we started to get the playroom in order to get her new bed in there.
For months and months, this is what the playroom has looked like. It is always messy and I feel like no matter how many containers I get to organize stuff, Petey just gets frustrated and has a hard time cleaning.

Cue my greatest idea:
 On the left, you'll see in the pictues that I added fabric boxes to each square in her shelving unit for her toys. This has made life A TON easier, since there isn't one specific box for specific toys. Also, on the left, you'll see the big pink and blue buckets. I bought one for each of the kids' rooms for $7 at Target and it has been the best thing! They throw all of their random toys in their and it has made clean up time 100 times easier.
On the right, you'll see that I took pictures when we added her bed in the room. It was still a mess and we weren't done organizing just yet.
 Here is the "before" and "during" of her closet. It's mostly the same but we moved her drawers and bed in. Sorry the left picture is so blurry.

Are you ready for the final reveal? I love the pink and white room she has now. It makes me happy to walk and find it clean in the morning. She has even been making her bed, something we've never taught her to do! I don't know where she learned it but she has been awesome at keeping her room organized so far.
 Ta da! Notice the Hello Kitty lamp on top of her kitchen. That was supposed to be part of her Christmas gift but the first night she was in her bed alone, she had the hardest time feeling safe and going to sleep. She actually came out and asked for a night light so we got it out and every night, she's been asleep within 5 minutes if we turn that thing on.
 We also organized her closet a little better and added some drawers to her "dresser", which is really just crafting drawers. Oh well, it serves it's purpose for now. :)
I am so proud of this big girl and the fact that she is willing to sleep in her own room. I remember being much older than her and hating the fact that I slept alone. There were nights in high school where I would sneak up to my little brother's room and sleep on his floor because I wanted company. :) I know, I'm a wimp.

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