Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Little Buddy

 Oh my little Bubba. What can I say about that cute little face of yours?

Spidey is my little buddy but boy howdy, he wears me out. I often wonder how such a little guy can have so much energy.
 This kid can get me so frustrated and yet, how can you not smile when he smiles like that?
 It's been a hard week for this momma. The yelling has escalated and my lil bougar boy hasn't been on his best behavior.
On Monday, we were leaving a friend's house and he picked up a big rock and heaved it. I asked him to stop and he replied, "No, mom, I'm just so angry right now!" As much as I appreciated the correct explanation of feelings, it makes me sad to see this little guy get so angry.
 I can't quite figure out whether he reminds me more of Boss or I. Maybe he's a mixture of both? His personality is not quite what I expected from my perfect little baby who hardly ever cried.
And yet, the good outweighs the bad a million to one. He will always be my little buddy.

When I'm scared or frustrated, I can count on my Spidey to be there with a smile like the one above.

Life gets me so worried sometimes. I often wonder if our situations will become better or if they still have some worse times ahead. I often wonder how the kids will grow up and if they'll always know that they are children of God. Life scares me...a lot. But seeing the carefree personality this little guy has gives me hope because he is so full of love.

I love my Spidey more than words could ever express. I will forever be grateful to him for being the light in my dark times and the laughter I need when I'm about to cry. His hard times make me sad but his happy times make me happier than I ever knew was possible.

Thanks for being my little buddy, Spidey. I love you forever.

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